About Goshen Theater, Inc.

A Public-Private Partnership

Goshen Theater, Inc. (GTI) is a public-private partnership of community leaders acting to restore the Goshen Theater as the centerpiece of Goshen’s arts and music culture.

The group has successfully completed multiple studies and solicited millions of dollars in funding for renovations to the theater. In August 2020 GTI completed Phase 1 of renovations. 


Goshen Theater is a catalyst for exploring the depths of creativity and imagination through educational and entertaining programming in the arts.

Vision Statement

The historic Goshen Theater is a hub for the arts in Goshen and beyond. It is a leading force in producing and presenting art in all its forms for the regional audience. Goshen Theater is a place for innovative collaboration and engaging arts education. It is a catalyst for creativity—a space where the community comes together to challenge paradigms and grow imagination. 

Goshen Theater uplifts and celebrates the community by providing opportunities for people of all identities and beliefs to feel a sense of belonging. It is a place for conversations, gatherings, and events, supporting respectful discourse. The theater offers rental spaces for civic and business communities and is a venue for families and friends to recognize milestones. Goshen Theater strives to be a great place to work and volunteer, reflecting the diverse identities of the area on the staff and board. 

I am excited about the possibilities of utilizing a renovated Goshen Theater to host Goshen College-related events. This project has the potential to provide another way for Goshen College to connect with all that is happening downtown, support local business and add opportunities for people to experience art.

Brian Mast, Executive Director, Goshen College Music Center