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Goshen Theater Education Workshops

Goshen Theater offers workshops for the Goshen Community to continue their education in various theatrical, performance, and artistic skills. Each session concentrates on a different discipline within the performing arts, from acting, dancing, and singing, to technical theater. Community members are invited to share what they would like to learn to help us develop meaningful programming to serve them.

Tuition – $100

Financial aid is available!


*Please bring a lunch or snack for our daily break!

August 5, 2024

10AM-3PM Auditions/Rehearsal

12PM-5PM Tech 

August 6, 2024

10AM-3PM Rehearsal

12PM-5PM Tech

August 7, 2024

10AM-3PM Rehearsal

12PM-5PM Tech

August 8, 2024

10AM-3PM Rehearsal

12PM-5PM Tech

August 9, 2024

10AM-3PM Final Dress Rehearsal

12PM-5PM Tech

August 10, 2024

12PM Students Arrive

12PM Box Office Opens

1:15PM Lobby Opens

1:30PM House Opens

2:00PM Show Begins

60m, 10m Intermission

The Clumsy Custard Horror Show and Ice Cream Clone Review

By William Gleason

Join us for a “Play in a Week” experience for actors and technicians ages 13 years to 18 years with William Gleasons “Clumsy Custard Horror Show & Ice Cream Clone Review”. Rehearsal will be held August 5-9, with a public performance on August 10. Your registration includes a show t-shirt, two free tickets to the performance, costume and prop costs, and a cast party to follow the August 10 performance.

King Dumb is ready for his daughter to select a husband and all the Knights of the Realm are anxious to claim her hand. But the sweet Princess Prince has fallen for a gentle yet courageous lad she assumes to be a pauper. Not so! Little does she know that this scruffy stranger is Swashbuck Valpariso, bearer of the magic sword and Master of Fast Feet. With audience participation throughout, the play will leave you breathless with anticipation, reckless with abandon and proud to be a Zobian.

Arnis/Aretha Boheme – Narrator
Swashbuck Valpariso – Prince Proper of Valthusia; Master of Fast Feet
Worfle – Swashbuck’s Friend
Princess Prince – Heir to the thron of Zob Proper
King Dumb – Ruler of Zob Proper
Dacron – Ruler of Zob Improper
Alphasia – Nanny to the Princess
Malforce – Prime Minister of Zob Proper
Polly – Ice Cream Clone; Agents of Dacron
Ester – Ice Cream Clone; Agents of Dacron
Head – beheaded by Dacron; now his confidante and mantle piece
Sir Prize – Knight of Zob Proper
Sir Vival – Knight of Zob Proper
Sir Cumference – Knight of Zob Proper
Clumsy Custard – Who knows?
Usher #1 – Ushers to our Show, help the Narrator tell the story and encourage Audience participation
Usher #2 – Ushers to our Show, help the Narrator tell the story and encourage Audience participation
Director – Director of our Show, is stressed out

What: Character Creation Workshop for Dungeons & Dragons

Who: Up to 25 students, ages 10-18

When: Saturday, August 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Goshen Theater 216 S. Main St. 

Registration: $20 

Kids Character Creation Workshop

Goshen & Dragons is proud to present our first summer day camp with the Goshen Theater Education Department, in which students ages 10-18 will learn how to play D&D through character creation.

Whether you are a seasoned player looking for a refresher, or whether you are new to the game, this workshop is open to anyone, with all levels or experience playing D&D.

The workshop will begin at 10 a.m., with a character creation masterclass. Students will have copies of a guide to follow along while an instructor and assistants lead the class.

After learning basic mechanics for the game, students will practice embodying their character, playing through various scenarios and improvisational exercises.

We will provide all materials, including pencils and guides, as well as polyhedral dice to play. All we need for you is your creativity and sense for adventure!

This class is for ages 18 years and older.

Tuition is $50/Student. Financial Aid is available.

Contact [email protected] or 574-312-3701 for more information.

Improv Intensive

You have asked for it and it’s almost time to get registered for the Improv Intensive with GoProv Friends and the Goshen Theater Education Department. Do you want to escape for a few hours to play, learn, and do some improv? We always say “Improv is life and life is improv”.  This intensive will increase confidence, provide a safe place to be silly, and give you an opportunity to play with other adults.

Class will be August 18, 2024, from 12-4PM.

All experience levels are welcome and encouraged to join. This workshop is not just for actors and performers. The benefits of this intensive will be appreciated by those wanting to grow in the workplace and gain some life skills. Exercising the brain with quick thinking, creativity, and team building exercises will help all participants be a star in their own life. 

What: Stage Combat Workshop

Who: Ages 13-18yrs

When: Fall of 2024! More details are on the way!

Where: Goshen Theater (216 S. Main St. Goshen, IN 46526)

Tuition: $100 (Financial Aid is available!)

*A 30min. lunch break will be given halfway through the day. Please bring a lunch. A microwave and refrigerator will be available for use.

Need more info? Contact Katie Barnes at [email protected]

Stage Combat Workshop

Calling all students ages 13-18yrs for Goshen Theater Education Department’s “Stage Combat Workshop”. This workshop will take place in the Fall of 2024! More details are on the way!

Ever wonder how actors make their fights look so real?! Spend your day learning proper techniques and basics of Hand to Hand Combat and Sword Fighting from Professionally Certified Fight Coordinators/Choreographers from Theatrica Gladiatoria.

Theatrica Gladiatoria is a dramatic violence company committed to furthering the art of stage combat by offering year-round training, innovative fight and action choreography, thrilling performances, and educational workshops for stage and screen. Established in 2020 by fight and intimacy directors/choreographers Joe Wright and Jen Pan, Theatrica provides accessible training and art to everyone, from professional artists to casual enthusiasts and community theatres to large film productions.


If mailing a payment, please make all payments out to Goshen Theater, Inc. with “Goshen Theater Education Workshop” on the Memo Line.

Mail to:

Goshen Theater
Attention Katie Barnes
216 S. Main St.
Goshen, IN 46526

Email [email protected] for more information.

Activities are made possible in part by the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, and the Indiana Arts Commission, which receives support from the State of Indiana and the National Endowment for the Arts.