“My interest was piqued when I learned Goshen Theater was searching for an executive director. The opportunity seemed like a great fit for my experience in nonprofit management. I started work in January, and I am thrilled to join the Goshen Theater team!

I recently stepped away from a 34-year career as executive director of the South Bend Museum of Art. My nonprofit management experience spans 48 years and four museums, with all that entails: grant writing, fundraising, planning, community collaboration, outreach, and a passion for the arts.

I live in South Bend, but I’ve been aware of Goshen’s rich, creative scene for years because of my connection to the arts. I’ve even had the opportunity to work with some Goshen-area artists in the past.

Susan Visser, Executive Director, Goshen Theater

Susan Visser, executive director, Goshen Theater

When I came to the theater to interview, I was struck by the beauty and history of the theater, as well as the commitment of board members, volunteers, donors, and staff who recently achieved this stunning renovation. But just as exciting as this amazing building to me is the opportunity to dream and plan for future programming. I hope to see us fully utilizing the theater’s resources to support and showcase Goshen’s rich performing and visual arts heritage.

In my first weeks here, I’ll be focusing on learning, listening, meeting, and greeting — developing an understanding of the culture of the theater and the community, really. I’ll also be interviewing candidates for the new program manager position. This person will join our talented staff members, board members, volunteers, and me to encourage dialogue with the community as we work to build ever more exciting, relevant and compelling programs.

I can’t wait to get started!”

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