Bring Your Favorite Act to Goshen!

Bring Your Favorite Act to Goshen!

In addition to providing limited programming, the theater also invites touring groups to rent the space for performances.

Community funding supports regular activities in the facility. Each year, contributions enable us to showcase entertainment and events.

Each year, contributions enable us to showcase entertainment and events

Contribute using the form below or contact us with questions:

Sharon Risser,
Goshen Theater Campaign Manager
(574) 536-5284
[email protected]


  • Holiday movies
  • Summer movie series
  • Private theater rentals for businesses/groups


  • River Bend Film Festival
    (three-day event!)
  • Downtown Goshen
    First Fridays Homecoming
  • Downtown Goshen
    Hometown Holiday celebration

Education / Tours

  • Historical community tours
  • Educational school tours


  • Dance in the City classes, attended by over 300 children per week
  • Recitals


  • Regional performers
  • National touring acts


  • Goshen Health
  • Goshen News
  • Goshen Historical Society

Other Performances

  • Fashion shows
  • Comedians

Higher Education Partnerships

  • Notre Dame Shakespeare Summer Traveling Tour
  • Goshen College Music Center
  • 91.1 The Globe Radio concerts

Contribute today!

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