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Volunteer Description: Concessions


  • Dress Code: Please wear a black shirt.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Selling Concessions:
    • Point of Sale: All sales must be entered into square, both cash and card.
    • Counting Cash: Ensure accuracy in all money handling by counting back change to customers.
    • Assign Roles: Choose one person to run the register.
    • Cleaning: Keep counters and lobby floors clean, and wipe down/sanitize counters as you can.
    • Popcorn: Make and refill popcorn as needed.
  • Stocking Concessions: After each rush it is very important to restock!
    • Restock Soda Cups and Lids from Bar Storage (must be 21+ to visit bar storage)
    • Refill popcorn and containers
    • Take a count of candy at the end of each shift.

Covid policies and safety procedures are updated for each event. There is a meeting in the lobby 10 minutes prior to the house opening to go over these policies and procedures.

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